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Best Pubg Mobile high Damage Weapon in 2020.

Hello Friends. In this article  we are going to cover the top 10 list of pubg guns we are talking about the list by my own personal games experience lets us tell you that we do not include bolt action sniper and short gun.

List of Top 10 Best Gun in Pubg Mobile

Top 10. SLR

 SLR is Bolt Acrio Rifile . It use .7mm size ammo , lower fire rates but it has the capacity to knock in just 2 or 3 bullet if you have not a sniper then you can use this gun very easily for long-range let's see some its stats 

No. 9 DP 28 

I know according to you dp will deserve a better place in our list because this gun's damage gives a great competition to other guns if you dp with 4 x then 0p deserve me if its reloading speed is better then it deseves more better place if we talk about reloading speed when it gets reloaded then 20 to 30 gone way it has no nay needs of attachment like grip, extended mag let's see some its stays.

Even it's a favourite Hun if Of Soul Mortal. 

No. 8 Scarl and aug

 At no 8 scar l and aug makes its position. Both Use 5.9 Ammo.


No. 7 Ump-45

Ump 45 h Use .45 Ammo. This a a Smg Weapon. This can be found Easily everywhere.

No 6 Vector 

Vector is a Smg which 25 9.0 Ammo. This a Very Reliable.

No 5 Mk14

Mk14 is a Sniper which can also be Used on auto mode. This Gun can be used as a long-range as well as Short Range. 

No.4 M416 

M416 is the Most Favourite Gun of Pubg Mobile Players. This is Very Good For Close as well as Linga Ranges. This Gun speciality is he has very low Recoil even we can use it with 6x. 

No 3 Akm & Bareyl 

In Term of Damage Akm and Bareyl are Beast Gun in Pubg Mobile. These gun can be found anywhere in Map. 

No 2 Groza 

Groza is a Beast Gun even we can clear a whole Squad with a Single spray of Groza. But, It is Found only in Some Air Drops. 

No 1  Snipers 

AWM is a Sniper and has the highest Damage. AWM can kill enemy in a Single Shot. It can Totally Penitrate an LVL 3 Helmet ina Single Shot. 

So, These are Top 10 Hun in Pubg Mobile. If you like this article tell us in Comment. I know we forget some Gun Name. We will cover them in next Article. Tha k you and Keep Visiting Gamingduniya.xyz. Keep Playing Pubg Mobile. 

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