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PUBG Mobile Season 15 Leaks - RP Rewards & Tier Rewards | Gamingduniya.xyz

Pubg Mobile Season 15 RP Rewards and Leaks. Here , we Provide Some Leaks of Upcoming Pubg Mobile Season 15 and 0.20.0 Updates. Season 15 one to Hundred RP Rewards. All you want to Know about Pubg Mobile Season 15.
pubg Mobile Season 15 Leaks

Pubg Mobile Season 15 Leaks :

Pubg season 15 Consists of New Maps, New Gun skins, Vehicle skin and Many More. PUBG Mobile Season 15 is expected to release on September 15, 2020.  To Release New Season Pubg usually take 2 - 3 days, after Previous Season End's.
Pubg Mobile Leaks
Pubg Mobile season 15
So,  PUBG Mobile Season 14  is expected to end on September 13. Somehow the PUBG Mobile season 15 tier rewards have been leaked. Similar to previous seasons, there would be 2 levels for the pass: Elite Royale Pass would be 600 UC and Elite Plus Pass would be 1800 UC.  You can But Royle Pass by Using UC and AG Currency.
Season 15 Leaks

Pubg Mobile Season 15 Tier Rewards :

At Every Tier We get Some Rewards in Pubg Mobile. So, In season 15 we Get Outfit, Headgear, Gun skin, Parachute and Frame.
Season 15 Gold Reward
Season 15 Conqueror

  • Mask and Outfit will be available at Platinum and Gold Tiers.
  • An exclusive gun skin for SKS will be rewarded for the players on reaching the Diamond tier.
  • A Season 15 Parachute will be rewarded at the Ace tier as the theme of the parachute matches the theme of the Gold tier outfit.

Pubg Mobile Season 15 RP Rewards :

Here are Some Images of Season 15 RP Rewards. These Rewards will be Only Available to Royale Pass Holder. You will get S12k skin at 1RP and Akm skin at 90 RP.
Season 15 S12k skin
Season 15 Akm Skin

These Gun skin you will get in Season 15 RP.  100 RP Outfit Name is Samurai Outfits.
Season 15 Leaks
Pubg Mobile Season 15 Outfits 
Season 15 Outfits
Season 15 100 RP Outfits

Note :- Some Leaks May be Changed in season 15. We will Upload Leaks Aavailable on Internet . We will Upload More Conform Leaks as we will Get.  So, Stay Tuned with Us For More Leaks. Image Credit Goes to YouTube : HunnyBunny

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