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Scout Pubg Real Name, Age, Pubg ID, Controls, Address, logo and More | ScoutOp Pubg Biography

Scout PUBG Wiki, Age, Real Name, PUBG ID, Face, team, Biography, sensitivity, logo and More. Tanmay Singh Address, Girlfriend, Control Setup and  More. All you want to Know about Scout Op PUBG
ScoutOp Pubg 
ScoutOp Pubg wiki
Real NameTanmay Singh
Hobbies Swimming, Gyming, Gaming
From Which State?Valsad, Gujarat, India
PUBG Namesc0utOP
PUBG ID Number5144286984 
Role In PUBG IGL, Flanker, Assaulter
Clan NameNotinClan
Controls4 Finger
Device Used to playiPhone XR / Rog
PUBG Popularity9109.7+ K
Social Network Information
Instagram @scout_pubg
youtubeScout PUBG.

Tanmay Singh Biography

The Real name of Scout Op PUBG Player is Tanmay Singh. Tanmay Singh Popularly Known as Scout is 23 years old. Scout0p is from Valsad city of Gujarat. scout was born in 1997.  He has a very good Friendship with Soul Mortal. Tanmay Singh is a professional and Competitive PUBG player. He is Formally used to play for the Fnatic team. ScoutOP is one of the most popular influencers in Indian Gaming Community. ScoutOP in his teenage years was a Football Player. He wanted to represent India in Football. His favourite player is Christiano Ronaldo. His favourite quote of Christiano Ronaldo is " YOUR LOVE MAKES ME STRONGER AND YOUR HATE MAKES ME UNSTOPPABLE ! ".  He was almost successful in his football career but because of an injury he wasn't able to continue it and that is when he shifted toward Esports and Gaming

Scout Op Pubg 

Tanmay Singh
PUBG ID Number of Scout Op is 5144286984 and PUBG Character is sc0utOP. His Players Names are FnaticOweis, FnaticRonak, FnaticInyourdreams, and FnaticParitosh. Scout Know how to handle Pressure in Tough Situations. Scout is an IGL, scouter, flanker, and assaulter. He has Unmatched Skills of Firing of M416+6x with almost no Recoils. ScoutOp has Created his own clan name Notinclan and He is Currently in No crew.
Scout logo

Scout Pubg YouTube

Scout started his channel on 26-August-2018. He has Almost 1.5+ M Subscriber on his YouTube Channel. He used to play with many Famous Gamers include Carryminati, SouLMortal, Dynamo, etc. He has over 1 Billions Views on his YouTube Channel. 

Scout  PUBG Player Social Media Information:

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/q8RXApB
YouTube : https://m.youtube.com/sc0utofficial?uid=YxMATvBqKQx7utYcYK3waA
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/scout_pubg/
Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/scouttanmay
Scout YouTube

Scout Op Past Life and Relationships :

Previously Scout was on Soul Clan, then after he leaves soul clan and Joins Fnatic Clan. He again leave fnatic clan and Create his new clan name  He is in a Complicated relationship with Zari vabi. He says that Shroud is his Inspiration. He has to struggle More to Achieve his Dream. He Never Giveup and Always Try Something New. So, he can be Perfect.

Scout Op Controls and Sensitivity

These are Sensitivity controls of Scout Op Pubg Mobile.

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