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Pubg Mobile Season 14 RP Rewards | 1 to100 RP Rewards Leaks - Gaming Duniya

Pubg Mobile Season 14 RP Rewards 

Pubg Mobile Season 14 RP Leaks
Royale pass Rewards of Pubg Mobile Season 14 from 1 to 100 Rp. Conform Leaks of Season 14. The theme for Royale Pass Season 14 is based on 'Spark The Flame'. So, In this article we will show you Leaks Of Pubg Mobile Season 14. PUBG Mobile seas on 13 will be ends on 12th July 2020. It means that Season 14 will arrive two days later from it. Hence,we can say that the release date of Season 14 will be 14th July 2020. A single season last for 2 month, which contain 8 weeks missions.

Pubg Season 14 : 1 - 100 RP Rewards 

In this article we are going to show you, Only Helpfull Rewards which is available at distance of 5 Rp. Because, mainly there are waste between them. 
We, are Not Showings any Emotes, because we will cover those in another Article. Some, RP Rewards may be missing, 

1st RP Reward:

At 1st RP you will get a P90 skin and a Legendary Outfit
Season 14 P90 Skin
Season 14 1st RP Rewards

5th RP Reward :

At 5th RP Reward you will get a Face mask of 1st RP Outfit. It is Red in colour and Look Really horror
5th RP Reward

10th RP Reward :

At 10 Rp You will get a Skin of black zone Singal Grenade. This is new Thing in Pubg which is Available in New Update. We will give more information about this Grenade in next article.
10th RP Reward

15th RP Reward :

At 15th RP, You will get a a Avatar of Pubg Mobile Season 14.
Pubg Mobile Season 14

20th RP Reward :

At, 20th RP You will get a Vehicle Skin. But, it is Not conform that you will get a UAZ or a Dacia Skin. You can see Skin of both the vehicles in Image Below. Also at 20th RP you will get a Free Emote.
UAZ Season 14 skin

Dacia season 14 skin

25th RP Rewards :

At 25th RP you will get a Key Chain. But, look of keychain is Not Leaks. So, we will show you in Next Article. 

30th RP Rewards :

At, 30 RP You will get a Legendary Outfit, which looks Great. It is a Female outfit with Blue or Red in Colour. Also, a Parachute skin is available at this RP for Free Players.
30th RP Reward
Season 14 Free Parachute

35th RP Reward :

At, 35th RP you will get a Emote. We will cover all Season 14 Emotes in Next Article .

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40th RP Rewards :

At, 40 RP You will get a New Helmet Skin. This skin style is based on Unicorn, which is lite pink in colour.
Season 14 Helmet Skin

45th RP Reward :

At 45 RP, you will get a Avatar Frame of Season 14.
Season 14 Avatar Frame

50 RP Reward :

At, 50 RP you will get a Really Awesome Outfit. This outfit is Really Fantastic as compare to any other Outfit in Royale Pass.
50 RP Reward

55 RP Reward :

At 55 RP you will Get a Emote. As same we will cover this In Next Article. Because, for Emote we have to add Videos.

60 RP Reward :

At, 60 Rp you will get a Plane Skin, which looks is similar to season 14 Theme.
Season 14 plane Skin

65 RP Reward :

At 65 you will get a Avatar of Pubg Mobile Season 14. 
Season 14 Avatar

70th RP Reward :

At 70 RP you will Get a Parachute skin. Whic is Pink in colour and Looks Really Nice.
70 RP Parachute

75th RP Rewards :

75 leak is Not Comes, we will update this . When 70th RP leak comes out.

80th Rp Reward :

At 80 RP you will get a Legendary Backpack Skin, which is simlar to out RP Helmet Skin. This is Also based on Unicorn and light pink in colour.
Season 14 Backpack Skin

85 and 90 RP Reward :

At 85 , you will get a RP Crate which consists of Certain Rewards. At 90 th RP you will Get a Emote or MVP Emote. This may be change because mainly at 90 RP you will get a Gun skin.
Season 14 RP Crate.

95 and 100 RP Reward :

At 95 RP you will get a PP-19 Bizon skin. Which we already get in season 12. But, this skin is Totally different from season 12.
Season 14 gun Skin
Finally, at 100 RP you will get a Mythic Outfit. Which you can see in the Image Below.
Season 14 100 Rp Outfit
So, this is all about Pubg Mobile season 14 Royale Pass Leaks. This consists of all 1 to 100 RP Rewards. Special thanks to the funny Hunny 😇.

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