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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Tier Rewards | Pubg Season 14 Leaks - Gaming Duniya

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Tier Rewards Leaks

Pubg Mobile season 14 Leaks
The theme for Royale Pass Season 14 is based on 'Spark The Flame'. So, In this article we will show you Leaks Of Pubg Mobile Season 14. PUBG Mobile season 13 will be ends on 12th July 2020. It means that Season 14 will arrive two days later from it. Hence,we can say that the release date of Season 14 will be 14th July 2020. A single season last for 2 month, which contain 8 weeks missions.

Season 14 Tier Rewards:

Pubg Mobile tier Rewards Consists of Outfits, mask, Gun skin and Parachute skin at gold, platinum, diamond, and Ace respectively. In Season 14, players will get some cool tier rewards on Gold, Platinum, and Dimond tier and Ace tier as we mentioned Below.

Gold and Platinum Rewards:

Gold Tier Outfit of Season 14
As we all know know that at gold tier we get a new outfit. In season 14 we will get an Outfit and 800 Silver Fragments at Gold tier. At platinum we get a headgear which is silver in colour and 100 silver Fragments . Both Outfit and headgear make a Proper Combination. Season 14 Tier Rewards you can see in the images.
Pubg Mobile Season 14

Diamond and Crown Tier Rewards :

Season 14 M24 Skin
At Diamond we will get a Awesome Silver skin of M24 and 1200 Silver Fragments. M24 is a Most favourite Sniper after AWM in Pubg Mobile. M24 Skin is Looking fantastic and It's colour matches with gold tier Outfit. At, Crown we will get 3 Protection Cards, 1400 Silver Fragments and a epic name Tag.

Ace and Conqueror Tier Rewards :

Season 14 Ace Parachute
At Ace tier we will get a permanent Parachute skin and 1600 Silver Fragements and Legendary Name Tag . Colour of parachute is similar to others tier Rewards. At, conqueror you will get Season 14 Conqueror Mythic Frame and Name Tag along with 2000 Silver Fragments.
Pubg season 14 Conquerors
So, these are all the tier rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 14 Tier Rewards. Hope, you will like those Rewards and Don't Forget to share Your Thoughts on Comment Section. We will Definately try to respond You 😍.

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