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How to get Pacifist Title in Pubg Easily | Pubg Pacifist Title Requirements - Gaming Duniya

Top 6 Best tip to achieve Pacifist Title in Pubg Mobile. Pacifist Title Requirements in Pubg Mobile. All you want to know about Pubg Pacifist Title.

How To Get Pacifist Title in Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile Mobile has many achievements and titles that players always grind to achieve. Among many challenges in PUBG mobile, the top achievement titles like Sharpshooter, Weapon Master, and Pacifist are quite famous. So, in this article we will give you 6 Best Points, with the help of those point you can achieve Pacifist Title in Pubg Mobile easily.
Pacifist Title in Pubg Mobile
We provide you a complete PUBG Guide on how to get the pacifist title easily. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you will be Ready to Achive Pacifist Title.

Top 6 Point to achieve Pacifist Title in PUBG.

  • Make sure you are in a platinum tier or above in solo. You may think why solo ? Its as the pacifist title says that you have to win a game in solo(platinum tier or above) without killing a single player.
  • Select solo mode and start the game. Remember you don't have to kill anyone (Make sure that you are in platinum tier or above).
  • Choose any Classic map, I prefer to choose Sanhok Because this map is small and You will Find Lots of Healths if you go far away from Plane Route
  • Gather smoke, Bandages, health packs and Boosters as much as you can. I would recommend not taking the risk. Simply camp and gather as much smoke you can gather.
  • In the first few circles, surviving would be easy, but in the last circle, you will need those smoke grenade to hide or to provide cover. Make sure you take a lot of med-kits with you to manage in the last circle if you don’t get killed before.
  • You can use formations while moving in open areas to avoid getting killed. Stay in the middle, always keep smoke grenades in your hand to deploy them as soon as you need. Always try to Keep Vehicles Near to you in Last Circle. So, after blasting Vehicle you make use as a Cover.
Pacifist Title Requirements
Follow this basic rules and you will get the title easily, there are many players who don't even try to achieve this title but they get it either by luck or because they are just noobs who were not able to kill anyone.
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